4D system
A decentralized community-driven blockchain and DApp testing framework
A Chain…
    Accelerating and hardening the chains building process with Layer "-1" supports.
    Verifying and evolving chains by testing with the most difficult scenarios.
    Destroying fake and weak chains with military-grade penetration challenges.
    Ensuring the final success with the Test-driven Raising Process.
The Triathon Battleground
Testing can be game-like in Triathon battleground. Triathon is designed for spotting quality testnets and outstanding projects can achieve rapid iteration and continuous optimization. Moreover, it can promote fair distribution of funds and resources.
The  Dungeon
Dungeon includes various DeFi infrastructures,ensuring that users can play to earn.
  • Real-time Witness
    It can display the battle data and test results, which can optimize and improve the performance of the chain under the witness of global users.
  • Game Battle
    Users actively participate in game battles to verify and strengthen project performance and incubate quality projects.
  • Play to Earn
    Triathon provides a series of DeFi applications. It allows users to actively participate in the test and enjoy the game while earning a good income.
  • Community Governance
    Users participate in network management. They vote and participate in the development of the project, and enjoy governance rights.
The Destroyer
A highly intensive support system for multi battles
  • TX Attacker
    Generating false or malicious transaction attackers
  • Contract Attacker
    Attacking smart contracts' bugs
  • Chain Attacker
    Attacking the chain node's application
  • Host Attacker
    Attacking the chain nodes hosting server, including the operating system and the system application
  • Physical Attacker
    Attacking the underlying physical machines or the data center of the hosting node
  • Network Attacker
    Attacking the local network of the target hosting machines or the data center
The Delusionist
A receiver and executor for the combat command
  • Composer
    Generating and configuring DApps or Chains as a Test Flight to satisfy test targets
  • Examiner
    Identifying and Defining the key parameters of Test Flights
  • Dispatcher
    Dispatching Test Flights to target BOTs
  • Recycler
    Accepting the returned Test Flights and generating feedbacks to the Composer
The Daemon
A trusted blockchain protecting system that works for combat
  • BOTS
    The testnet of a public chain candidate deployed on the top of the Triathon Battleground
  • Security
    Identifying and defining the key parameters of Test Flights
  • Connection
    Trust dissemination with Gossip Protocols
  • Voting Election
    Trustworthiness aggregation and modelling with the Trust Rank