Why Triathon
Project-launching has become extremely low-cost and chaotic. About 90% of projects in circulation are poor-quality in value, according to statistics. It is tough for most users to spot a quality project. Triathon is naturally designed for transforming the launching model, stimulating innovation and cracking the launching dilemma.
Test-driven Launching
Triathon will verify and enhance the performance of chains and DApp through its 4D systems. It aims at promoting the launch of quality projects around the world and helping them raise funds and get resources quickly.
Join the Test-driven Launching Value Network
Quick Start
Quick start and test. With complete technology architecture and excellent engagement of the DAO community, Triathon enables the project a quick launch by finishing the start and verification process very fast.
Low-cost Launching
Start your innovative project with a low entry barrier. It's perfect for startups looking to verify, iterate, and launch quickly.
Advanced Technology
It is built on layered network architecture, heterogeneous multi-link network while incorporating the latest DeFi-enabled protocols.
Open Governance
Triathon is owned and managed by a community of network participants who vote and participate in the development of the program and get access to governance benefits.
Diverse Game-like Testing Scenes
NFT Auction
20% of each premium goes to the previous bidder and 80% to the auctioneer. It means that by participating in the auction, you either get the NFT or the proceeds.
Game Battle
Users actively participate in game battles to verify and strengthen project performance, incubate quality projects, and build a test-driven launching model.
Play to Earn
A series of DeFi application services. It allows users to actively participate in the test and enjoy the game while earning a good income.